Moon Rocks


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Premium cannabis infused with hash oil, gently coated with kief, slightly heated, re-oiled and re-rolled in kief.

Moon Rocks can provide quick, potent relief of pain and nausea. Since THC levels are typically twice as much as in untreated flowers, patients only have to smoke half as much to get relief, which is a big advantage. Chronic pain patients who have to keep a steady level of cannabinoids in their system appreciate the fact that with a medicine as potent as Moon Rocks, they no longer have to smoke constantly to get relief.Medical marijuana patients also vouch for the effectiveness of the Moon Rock drug when ground up and cooked into edibles. All those cannabinoids provide a lot of relief, whether they’re smoked or eaten.Anyone or all three of the Moon Rocks components — buds, kief, and oil— can use a high-CBD strain to target certain medical conditions.


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